Day 4,275: Legacy
April 18, 2018





4,281 days to Goal 15


Thanks for visiting the Institute for Landscape Conservation Design’s (i4LCD) blog…The Nature of Design in Brief…where we chronicle the design of sustainable landscapes in the Age of the Anthropocene.
“Why a chronicle?”
Because although there are a lot of really great, talented people out there…like yourself…giving it their all to try to keep the home planet from spinning out of control…let’s be honest…it looks, and feels, like it is. Not a day goes by without another alarming story being told about climate change or the sixth extinction. We’ve even published some of those stories on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds.
Well, we here at i4LCD believe future earthlings (think seven generations into the future and beyond) will need to know not only the horror stories that unfolded but the success stories as well – and the stories that helped lead to success! They’re going to want to know that people like you, and the millions of others like you around the world, didn’t rest on their laurels when the going got tough. They’ll want to know that we persisted despite all the challenges, despite the overwhelming odds, despite the forces working against us, to build a more sustainable world.
That’s right: we aren’t giving up or cashing out. We’re digging in! We believe we can get to where we need to be so that the concept of “people, planet, and prosperity” becomes a reality instead of just a catch phrase. We’re betting your with us too or you would have surfed right past this site.
We’re glad you didn’t. We need you. The Earth needs you. Stick around, will you? Join our growing community and let’s see what kind of sustainable world we can design and build – together!

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Rob Campellone
Just an average Joe trying to help save the world from the Anthropocene.
Rob Campellone
Rob Campellone
Just an average Joe trying to help save the world from the Anthropocene.


  1. Avatar Liz says:

    Thanks for your efforts, Rob! Reading this blog post makes me feel hopeful for our future. I know changes can be made. Keep up the good work of inspiring all of us to do better by doing our part, and helping us to learn.

  2. Avatar Shelley says:

    So exciting to see this kind of site and know there are people out there like you who are making a difference to the planet and the world!