The Nature of Design in Brief
The Institute for Landscape Conservation Design (i4lcd) is accepting nominations from contributing bloggers. Selected nominees support i4lcd’s mission as authors writing for its blog: The Nature of Design in Brief. Nominees should have expertise in at least one of the following attributes of landscape conservation design:
  • convening stakeholders (inclusiveness)
  • interdisciplinary assessment of current and plausible future conditions
  • interactive spatial design (spatial prioritization)
  • informative strategy design (strategic planning)
Nominations will also be considered from applicants demonstrating academic research, professional experience, or interest in:
  • the cause and effect of the Anthropocene
  • sustainability science/sustainable development
  •  innovative approaches to the design of multi-functional landscapes
Although no financial compensation is available, contributing researchers will be identified on i4lcd’s website with a photo and short biography, and will be given priority to participate in interviews (newsletters, podcasts, etc.), and present their work via webinars.
Please use the following form, or send an email with “Research Nominee” in the subject line to: The editor will take a look at your proposal and get back to you as soon as possible. If applicable, proposals/abstracts should include endnotes and follow the APA 6th ed. format for all source types.