Day 4108: The iCASS Platform

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September 11, 2018
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November 13, 2018
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Day 4108: The iCASS Platform

iCASS Platform

iCASS Platform Attributes

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The Nature of Design in Brief

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Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land

Let’s get started: Innovation

Day 4108: The iCASS Platform

A Framework for LCD

The iCASS Platform is a framework for landscape conservation design: a holistic, yet flexible systems-based approach that encourages innovation to solve societal challenges. 

The iCASS Platform is a synthesis of adaptation planning concepts and methodologies. It’s a set of five attributes — innovation, convene stakeholders, assess conditions, spatial design, and strategy design — and nine principles. The iCASS Platform is organized around four cornerstones of innovation: people, purpose, process, and product.  It emphasizes a design process that is inclusive, interdisciplinary, interactive, and informative. 

iCASS Platform

iCASS can facilitate landscape conservation design via processes that create and empower social networks, foster stakeholder involvement, and engender co-production and cross-pollination of knowledge. It provides multiple opportunities for deliberation, transparency, learning, and collaborative decision-making. 

By providing organizational guidance to stakeholders on the overall design process, while allowing for local customization and innovation to unfold, the iCASS heuristic offers practical and flexible guidance for practitioners to follow. 

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Rob Campellone
Just an average Joe trying to help save the world from the Anthropocene.
Rob Campellone
Rob Campellone
Just an average Joe trying to help save the world from the Anthropocene.

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